Adjusting the Mower Belt Tension
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1. Disengage the PTO, move the motion control levers to the neutral locked position and set the parking brake.

2. Stop the engine, remove the key, and wait for all moving parts to stop before leaving the operating position.

3. Raise the mower to the transport position.

Important Check the amount of twist in the belt between the pulleys.

Important Check and make sure the belt is installed into both the front and rear belt guides.

4. Check the belt tension. The spring loaded idler center bolt needs to be near the top alignment hole in left support plate.

5. If adjustment is required, loosen the mower idler plate and adjust it.

6. Insert a ratchet or breaker bar into the square hole in the mower idler plate to adjust the tension.

7. To increase belt tension, rotate the mower idler plate until resistance is felt and rotation stops. Do not go past when it stops.

8. Tighten the idler plate bolts.

9. Check the distance from the rubber stop and the arm of the spring loaded idler pulley when the idler plate is tightened. It needs to be 0 to 1/4 inch (0 to 6 mm) from the rubber stop.
10. Adjust the belt tension and the idler plate, if necessary, and tighten all hardware securely.
11. If the mower idler plate contacts the end of the adjustment slot and more belt tension is required, a small change to the right side fixed idler can create more belt tension adjustment.
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